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Movie based on Tommy Morrison’s life is in pre-production

Actors studied their lines on the set of the movie about the life of Tommy Morrison.
Actors studied their lines on the set of the movie about the life of Tommy Morrison. Facebook screenshot

I expect this movie will be a tear-jerker.

Preproduction for the movie, “Oklahoma Sun” has started. The movie is about former boxer Tommy Morrison, who died of an disclosed disease in 2013 at the age of 44. There is a Facebook page that is following the developments of the movie.

Morrison died far too young.

This is what Sam Mellinger wrote in a column after Morrison’s death:

“Tommy grew up in Oklahoma but moved to Kansas City to train with a Lenexa man named John Brown. He won his first fight here in 1989, and four years later became heavyweight champion of the world by beating George Foreman. He became an adopted star in Kansas City, famous for, in no particular order: being a boxing champion, starring in ‘Rocky V’ and turning Westport's bars into his playground.

“Tommy always wanted to be famous, and when it happened, he took full advantage. He did the late-night talk shows, and the late-night bars after that. He went through trainers and women and money in a blur of good times and rough mornings.

In 1996, Morrison tested positive for HIV, but he eventually denied the disease exisited and stopped treatments.

Morrison served 14 months in prison for drugs and weapons charges in the early 2000s. He was arrested at least two other times for marijuana possession. There were comebacks he'd announce and then postpone, fights that he talked about as certainties that never materialized.

A sad, sad tale.

Here is the page for the movie, which is expected out next year.

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