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Should Alex Gordon have stayed or gone? National pundits weigh in

Alex Gordon walked off the field as San Francisco Giants players celebrates after game seven.
Alex Gordon walked off the field as San Francisco Giants players celebrates after game seven. The Associated Press

As always, hindsight is 20-20.

The topic of a national conversation on Thursday was whether or Alex Gordon should have been sent in the ninth inning after his single and an error by Gregor Blanco in center field.

Nate Silver of wrote a story with headline: Send Alex Gordon!

“Here’s what I know: Gordon should have tried to score even if he was a heavy underdog to make it,” Silver wrote. “It would have been the right move if he was safe even 30 percent of the time.”

Deadspin disagreed. Their headline: “No, Alex Gordon Could Not Have Scored On The Misplayed Ball.”

“Sure, the relay throw could have been offline,” wrote Timothy Burke. “But if it’s anywhere near accurate, Gordon is out by a figurative, and anticlimactic, mile.”

Jeff Sullivan at Fangraphs wrote a story with the headline: “Alex Gordon Barely Had A Chance”

“(Royals third base coach) Mike Jirschele could’ve waved Alex Gordon around,” Sullivan wrote. “Definitely, it would’ve changed the box score. Probably, it wouldn’t have changed the result.”

Andrew Joseph wrote a blog item at with the headline: “Alex Gordon’s late start costs the Royals in 9th inning.”

Joseph wrote: “Gordon is not a slow runner, so it’s clear that he wasn’t running out of the box at full speed. He was able to recover some, hitting a top speed of 18.7 mph according to”

At, Ricky O’Donnell wrote a story with this headline: “No, Alex Gordon wouldn’t have scored an inside the park home run.”

“It would have made for incredible television, that much is for sure,” O’Donnell wrote. “Upon closer investigation, it sure seems like Gordon would have been toast.”

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