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Two Texas high school football players blindside official during a game

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Once upon a time, high school football games were about school pride.

Sure, you were thrilled if you won and disappointed if you lost.

Keep in mind, I went to high school when games and/or highlights didn’t end up on YouTube (there was no such thing in the 1980s).

That’s a prelude to this terrible story: Two San Antonio John Jay High School players clearly went after an official during a game Friday against Marble Falls in Texas.

Take a look at this YouTube post from someone named Greg Gibson:

Did that look accidental? Of course not.

The reported that the players were ejected from the game. No word on if the official was hurt.

The Associated Press reported Northside Independent School District athletic director Stan Laing had told KENS5-TV that both players were suspended.

"I've coached 14 years and I've never seen anything like it," Marble Falls coach Matt Green told the San Antonio Express-News.

The referee was "very upset" and "wanting to press charges," Austin Football Officials Association secretary Wayne Elliott told the Associated Press.

Hat tip to Deadspin.

Star News Services contributed to this.

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