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Bill Murray, minor-league baseball team gave car with 285,000 miles on it as a prize

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The Charleston River Dogs, a minor-league baseball team in South Carolina reached an attendance record on Tuesday, so one lucky fan received a car.

Well, lucky may not be the right word.

The River Dogs passed 285,000 for attendance on the season, so the fan received a 1998 Honda Civic with 285,000 miles on it.

If it sounds like a crazy stunt that say, Bill Murray, would pull off, you’re right.

Murray is part owner of the River Dogs and their official Director of Fun. This is from their web site:

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This is the prize in question. It looks like the car that fans were vying for was in pretty good shape:

Murray, who is a friend of this blog (OK, I’m assuming that), even awarded the fan the “prize:”

You know what? You really can’t beat fun at the ol’ ballpark.

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