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Watch parody commercial for the ‘law firm’ of Herrera, Davis & Holland

Royals fans have come to love the team’s bullpen, particularly the late inning combination of Kelvin Herrera, Wade Davis and Greg Holland.

One fan has made a parody commercial of the law firm of Herrera, Davis & Holland.

The narrator of the commercial intones: “At Herrera, Davis & Holland, we specialize in pop flies, groundouts and strikeouts, ensuring victory in the postseason.”

That narrator is also the video’s creator, Andy Barnett of Gardner. He is a voice actor.

“I came up with the idea when reading an article by (former Star columnist) Joe Posnanski and he was talking about them and he just called them the Law Firm,” Barnett said. “I thought, that’s true. What I do for a living is voice-over work, so I’ve done ads and stuff and had experience doing that. I thought I could put together a parody law firm ad.”

Another Royals fan embellished the original video:

Here is the original video:

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