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Father is selling his son’s soccer loyalties on eBay

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Sports-minded fathers everywhere hope that their sons grow up to follow their favorite team.

But in England, one new dad has put his son’s soccer loyalties up for auction.

Ian Charters is letting the winning bidder on eBay decide if 7-month-old son Eddie will be a fan of Manchester United or Manchester City.

Those are bitter rivals (think White Sox/Cubs or Giants/Jets or Mizzou/Kansas) in the English Premier League, but they are the two clubs most people follow in the area where the Charters family lives.

Lest you think Ian is some kook, there is a reason for why this auction is happening.

The BBC reported that Eddie was born six weeks premature and his weight dropped to 3 pounds, 11 ounces while dealing with digestive-system problems. But thanks to the Bliss charity, he is now back at the family’s home and weighs 16 pounds.

Ian says the support he received from Bliss is the reason for the auction. All of the money raised will go to the charity, which helps premature and sick babies.

“I live in Greater Manchester, but originally come from down south so I have no affiliation with either of the Manchester clubs,” Ian wrote on the eBay site. “I’ll be fighting a losing battle trying to get my son to support my team (Watford). Frankly, I wouldn’t want to inflict that upon the poor child anyway.”

Ian wrote that he will take his son to games of the team that wins and buy him a jersey.

Of course, Ian added this disclaimer: “My son is a human being which means he possesses free will. I can influence, but I cannot force him who to actually support. For all I know, he may decide he wants to support a different team, or decide he doesn’t really like football.”

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