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New Royals outfielder Jonny Gomes cheated death no fewer than five times

Jonny Gomes is going to have to write his biography when his playing days are over. That’s because has led an interesting life.

Here are five times that Gomes, who came to the Royals in a trade from Atlanta on Monday night, has nearly died.

▪ 1. He has the initials J.W. on his right bicep in honor of childhood friend Adam Westcott, who was killed in a car accident that Gomes was involved in.

▪ 2. Gomes had a heart attack when he was just 22.

The next two tales are from

▪ 3. As a freshman in high school, the sleeping bag he was in caught fire. He barely escaped in time.

▪ 4. Gomes was camping with friends in high school when someone with a shotgun began firing at them. He hid behind a car and ran away.

▪ 5. Finally, Vin Scully told the story of the time when Gomes was nearly killed by a wolf.

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