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Former Missouri football player tabbed to play crazed serial killer in movie

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Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel once told The Star that Max Copeland could star in the movie, “Braveheart.”

And Copeland, a former offensive lineman whose last game with the Tigers was in 2013, admitted that he sometimes frightened people.

“People always look really scared of me on campus,” Copeland told The Star’s Tod Palmer. “I wish beards and long hair were more accepted in our society, but they’re not. ... I would hope people saw me as warm, but I think people probably just see me as a crazed mountain man, which I think I’ll have to live with.”

As it turns out, that crazed look helped Copeland land the starring role in the independent horror movie, “Casting Call.”

Copeland told the Columbia Missourian that he had been hired for the movie after a chance meeting on the streets of New York. Screenwriter Bryan Veney told the Missourian that four scenes were finished and he was hoping to raise money to finish the movie.

Copeland plays a guy who brings actors in for an audition and then murders them. Here’s a look:

“I don’t know if I’m a good actor, but I’m good at acting crazy because that’s what I do,” Copeland told the Missourian. “Once I did that, people thought I had really good range.”

You can read more about the budding movie star here.

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