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One lucky Royals fan has a 2015 Omar Infante All-Star Game jersey

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The American League team for the All-Star Game wasn’t comprised of Royals players alone, despite early voting that made that seem possible*.

*Save, of course, for that Mike Trout guy

Although the Royals’ Omar Infante wasn’t able to hold his lead at second base, that doesn’t mean you can’t imagine what an Omar Infante jersey would have looked like. In fact, a Royals fan posted on Reddit that he or she bought this Infante All-Star jersey for a mere $30.

The jersey was being sold by, which apparently has a large selection of everything.

As we all know, Infante led the All-Star voting at second base late in the process before he was eventually passed by Houston’s Jose Altuve, who won by about 630,000 votes.

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