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Report: Louisville’s laser tag game was an NCAA violation

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino.
Louisville head coach Rick Pitino. The Associated Press

I sometimes wonder if FIFA president Sepp Blatter didn’t cut his teeth doing work for the NCAA.

There are few institutions in sports that are as absurd and out of touch as FIFA and the NCAA.

Here’s the latest ridiculous story about the NCAA (via the Sporting News):

In April, six Louisville basketball team members played laser tag at a local establishment. The players were given the $7 admission fee by the program, according to the Sporting News.

Whoops. That’s an obvious infraction, right? Of course, it’s not obvious.

But the players received the $7 outside of the playing season, so Louisville’s compliance office self-reported the violation to the NCAA.

The Sporting News reported that the players were told to donate their price of admission to a charity.

Here is the outing in question:

Apparently, coach Rick Pitino did well during the game:

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