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Former Missouri player who is now in the NFL buys his parents a surprise wedding ceremony

Robert Steeples and his mother Phyllis
Robert Steeples and his mother Phyllis Robert Steeples’ Instagram account

You’ve heard the stories before.

When college athletes make it to the pros, they buy their mom a house or their dad a truck or something along those lines.

But former Missouri defensive back Robert Steeples, who is on the Cowboys practice squad after bouncing around with a few teams (including the Chiefs), bought his parents a wedding.

A little background: Steeples posted on Instagram that his “parents eloped in 1989, but money was tight & kids were young, so a wedding never happened to commemorate that moment. …”

Steeples, who transferred to Memphis before his final season of eligibility in 2012, wrote that his parents downplayed the St. Louis courthouse marriage in lieu of a wedding, but when he would address the subject with his mom from time to time, “she would stare off into nothing.”

While Phyllis Steeples never said anything, Steeples said he and his siblings could tell she was thinking of the “imaginary wedding day.”

“The heart needed to sacrifice that moment for their family’s sake is the same heart their children put into this moment,” Steeples wrote, “when we surprised them for their anniversary with a celebration of their 26 years of marriage!”

Steeples said he tricked his mother into wearing an elegant dress for an alleged dinner for Phyllis and her husband, Robert Sr.

Here’s the rest of what Steeples wrote:

“All my sisters came into town, they had a professional make-up artist come through with the high chair, lights, & the lauryn hill/India Irie playlist for my mama's make-up session. My sisters arranged a wedding cake and created a gorgeous flower bouquet. Every grandchild was present. We vogued for mantle piece family photos, & then wewent out to dinner like the royalty that family should build up one another to be. & my guy Anthony Robnison @hlstudios.anthony captured this moment with his professional photography!

“It was a beautiful scene. Exactly how I imagined family. Everyone had a hand in showing our parents how much they were appreciated! And after seeing my mama cry, I cried for the first time in over a decade (last time I got a whoopin lol). Raw emotion.

“My mama finally got her moment. I hope that she can now look me right in the eyes when speaking on her wedding bc that day has become a reality now, requiring no imagination, only memory...hopefully it was exactly how she imagined it!”

Here is what Steeples tweeted:

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