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If there was a Slide Of The Year Award, the Royals’ Kendrys Morales won it

Twitter screenshot

There are a lot of descriptive ways to describe Royals designated hitter Kendrys Morales.

Slugger. RBI machine. Power guy.

Nimble afoot isn’t one we’ve heard before. But check out this slide against the Blue Jays on Friday night in Toronto.

Morales scored the third run of the first inning for the Royals, coming home on Ben Zobrist’s hit. The throw for Toronto’s Jose Bautista to catcher Russell Martin easily beat Morales.

But Morales did this:

The first Vine was from The Sporting News’ Ryan Fagan and the second from KC!.

You could say Morales stopped short, but not in the Seinfeld way:

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