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NASCAR drivers collide … in a garage

YouTube screenshot

Crashes are just a part of auto racing.

You just don’t expect them to happen in the garage.

But Clint Bowyer ran into Jeff Gordon’s car as Gordon was backing out of his garage stall before practice on Saturday morning at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

“The guy that backs me out looked over, I guess he was just starting to back me out ... I crept out there and he cleared me, but the No. 15 (Bowyer), probably couldn’t really see me because of that pit cart,” Gordon told reporters.

“I don’t know if he kind of glanced away or what, but when he looked back, I was just right there and couldn’t go anywhere. It’s kind of a combination of, I guess, both of us could take fault in that. I love seeing my crew chief (Alan Gustafson) get in there and get dirty, but not for that reason. And, that practice went a little bit better than the other one. So, we’re gaining on it.”

Bowyer told reporters: “There’s just so much going on (in the garage). It’s a wonder that stuff doesn’t happen more often.”

Take a look at the crash:

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