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Toronto’s Josh Donaldson makes an amazing catch, but does it match Moose’s?

Twitter screenshot

In the latest update of All-Star Game voting, Toronto’s Josh Donaldson made a significant gain on the Royals’ Mike Moustakas at third base.

On Wednesday, Donaldson made a sensational catch in the stands that (temporarily) kept alive Marco Estrada’s perfect game in the eighth inning at Tampa Bay.

Take a look:

That could bolster Donaldson’s case for the All-Star Game, but don’t forget Moustakas’ grab in the playoffs last year against the Orioles:

Which was the better catch?

Donaldson gets points for diving into the stands, although he appeared to crush a kid. And it was to keep a perfect game alive.

However, Moustakas’ grab was into a dugout suite, so there was a greater risk for injury. And it was in the sixth inning of a tie game in the American League Championship Series. That’s big.

So if you had to decide who starts the All-Star Game based on those two catches, we’d give the edge to Moose.

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