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Coyotes fan hits the mayor of Glendale, Ariz., with a shot from stun gun

Twitter screenshot

Talk about perfect timing.

On Wednesday, an Arizona Coyotes fan went off on Glendale, Ariz., mayor Jerry Weiers during a City Council meeting in which the council ended its agreement with the NHL team.

On Saturday, the fan got to hit the mayor with a stun-gun shot as part of a charity event.

According to the Arizona Republic, Weiers agreed to have himself be hit with a stun-gun shot if people donated $10,000 for the 100 Club of Arizona (a charity that supports the families of law-enforcement officers injured or killed in the line of duty).

After the City Council meeting, a late flurry of cash reportedly came in and the goal was reached. The person selected to taser the mayor: Ronda Pearson, the person who unloaded on Weiers at the city council meeting.

Yes, there was video of the taser shot:

Here is Pearson at the city council meeting:

“It wasn’t about revenge, it was about the charity,” Pearson told the Arizona Republic. “I got everything out of my system Wednesday.”

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