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In honor of Torii Hunter, here are some of baseball’s best meltdowns

The Pine Tar Game is part of baseball lore.
The Pine Tar Game is part of baseball lore. File photo

Twins outfielder Torii Hunter’s meltdown during Wednesday night’s game against the Royals was entertaining.

But in terms of epic meltdowns, it may not even make this list.

While this group of meltdowns is not in any order, the No. 1 meltdown ever has to be George Brett and the Pine Tar game:

And this is not an on-field rant, but whew, this was a beauty from Hal McRae:

In 1991, Pirates manager Lloyd McClendon was not happy when catcher Jason Kendall (now a Royals coach):

McClendon is now with the Mariners and he had this outburst earlier this month:

Former Cubs’ pitcher Carlos Zambrano took out his frustrations on a cooler in the dugout:

The Dodgers’ Milton Bradley lost it, and Vin Scully said: “Milton Bradley is throwing baseballs like rice at a wedding. Boy, that is not a good sign.”

David Ortiz took out a dugout phone:

And if you’ve never seen this one of a minor-league manager before, well, behold:

I can’t find Lou Piniella’s base-throwing antics otherwise I’d have added that.

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