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This Arrowhead Stadium Halloween costume is chock-full of details

Thanks to the readily available Patrick Mahomes headband wig, Chiefs fans can support their favorite team when dressing for Halloween.

But with all due respect to Mahomes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better Chiefs-related Halloween costume than 11-year-old John Pittman’s wheelchair Arrowhead Stadium.

Pittman’s epic Arrowhead Stadium costume was built by Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes, a non-profit organization that builds custom-made costumes for children who use wheelchairs and walkers.

“We’ve built 100 costumes, and we never know which ones are going to be a big hit like the Arrowhead one,” Lon Davis, the founder/creative director of Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes, said in a phone interview. “We’ve had five or six that have really taken off like that. And so you know we build each one thinking it’s great for the family and it’ll work great for the child. And then every now and then one of the ones will just take off and everybody wants to talk about it and hear about it and share pictures and videos. This one, right now, the Arrowhead Stadium is the big hit.”

Chiefs players were impressed when they saw Pittman at last week’s Chiefs Kingdom Kids Trick-or-Treat Bash.

Davis said Pittman’s family put in an application for the costume on Aug. 24, and enlisted GBA Engineering to help.

In a fun twist, GBA had helped with the building of the actual Arrowhead Stadium, Davis noted.

“Most of the costumes we build our are for Halloween,” Davis said. “But we build them year round, so we always try and make them to where the kids can wear then more than just on Halloween. And when you have a costume like the Arrowhead Stadium, there’s so many places you can wear that. We always try and make the costumes a little sturdier so they can be used for multiple times, possibly even as long as they have the wheelchair till they grow out of it or anything. We try to let them use it as many times as they can.”

Here are some photos of the costume being built and some of the cool details, including flags, the spiral walkways, logos and the videoboard/phone:

Photo courtesy of Lon Davis

Photo courtesy of Lon Davis

Photo courtesy of Lon Davis

Photo courtesy of Lon Davis

Photo courtesy of Lon Davis

Photo courtesy of Lon Davis

Photo courtesy of Lon Davis
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