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Donovan McNabb: If Chiefs get healthy, they are ‘the best team in the AFC’

The Chiefs have a lengthy injury list, and it’s one reason why some fans are hoping the team can make a move before Tuesday’s trade deadline.

But former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb believes the Chiefs can stand pat and still make the Super Bowl ... if they can get healthy.

The Chiefs’ injury list currently includes quarterback Patrick Mahomes, defensive lineman Chris Jones, wide receiver Sammy Watkins and offensive tackle Eric Fisher.

Get them all back, McNabb told Bill Reiter on the “Reiter Than You Podcast” on CBS Radio, and the sky’s the limit.

“If Patrick Mahomes is healthy and they got all their guys back healthy on the offensive and defensive end, I still think they’re the best team in the AFC,” McNabb said on the podcast. “Now we’ve seen what obviously Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots have been able to do. If you think back on that game last year in the AFC championship, the New England Patriots ran the same play four to five times.

“I don’t think that happens again. Any team that runs a play four or five times and is successful with it, that means that the defense you’re playing either can’t adjust or you’re just trying to see if they’re going to come up with changes.”

The Chiefs, 5-2, lead the AFC West, while the Patriots are the only 7-0 team in the NFL, so there might be some in the New England area who disagree with McNabb.

McNabb, who played for Reid in Philadelphia, also talked about one of his former coach’s greatest strengths.

“He’s not afraid to get updated with the times,” McNabb said. “If you watch some of their plays that they run, they’re running college plays. They’re running plays that you see Oklahoma be very successful with. They’re running plays that Clemson was very successful with in the national championship game against Alabama. ...

“These are things that very successful in college that they are presenting to the NFL teams.”

McNabb also believes Reid will do much more than get just a first Super Bowl victory.

“I think that he will win more than one Super Bowl,” McNabb said on the podcast. “I do. We were very close; went to the NFC Championship five times and went to the Super Bowl once. Remember: he was just in the AFC Championship last year – with a defense that was in question.”

You can listen to more of the podcast here.

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