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Bumbling burglars rob San Diego bar; Chiefs fan employee says: ‘Probably Raiders fans’

One burglar struggled to open a cash register, but gave up after failing in his attempt.

So the man joined an accomplice in the back and they took a couple of safes from the “Home and Away” bar in San Diego. As they were leaving, the burglars struggled with the safes and one stopped to pull up his pants.

Bar employee Jason Clay chuckled as he watched the surveillance video.

“They were probably Raiders fans, I don’t know,” Clay joked in an interview with ABC-10 in San Diego.

Clay then pointed to the Chiefs hat on his head as the interviewer laughed.

The funniest part of it all for Clay? He said the crooks got away with a whopping $22.

That’s why the bar, which has a Chiefs flag hanging out front, was offering 22 cent beers for part of Tuesday. You can see some of the surveillance footage and the interview with the Chiefs fan in this video from ABC 10:

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