For Pete's Sake

Officials overruled their own pass-interference call on this play with Travis Kelce

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ first interception of the 2019 season came on an unusual play.

The Chiefs were driving in the second quarter when Mahomes’ pass was picked in the end zone by Texans safety Tashaun Gipson. Initially, there was good news for Chiefs fans.

The officials called pass interference on the Texans when Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was grabbed and thrown to the ground.

However, without a challenge flag being thrown by the Texans, the officials huddled and decided it wasn’t a penalty.

Referee Shawn Hochuli announced: “After discussion, the contact that was potentially a hold was while the ball was in the air. It is not pass interference because it was not on the receiver that caught the ball.”

Here is the play from Twitter user Hunter W:

Chiefs fans were confused and/or mad: