For Pete's Sake

Announcer Mitch Holthus’ sink video has left many Chiefs fans baffled

Perhaps this was performance art from Chiefs radio announcer Mitch Holthus. Or maybe a second video is coming that will explain the first one. Perhaps it was meant as a hype video.

Whatever the case, the Chiefs shared a video on its TikTok channel that showed Holthus in a bathroom. In the sink is a piece of paper with “#ChiefsKingdom” written on it. Next to the sink is a gold hammer and cups of water on index cards, which have the words loyalty, passion, dedication and loud.

Holthus then poured the cups of water on the piece of paper.

The video begins with Holthus asking, “What are we mixing today?”

Holthus shared the video on Twitter:

Many Chiefs fans were baffled: