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Cardinals fan’s strangely specific request for Game 5 of NLDS unexpectedly came true

Tis the season for freaky happenings, and something strange occurred Wednesday on Twitter.

Roughly eight hours before the Cardinals scored 10 runs in the first inning of Game 5 of the National League Division Series against the Braves, a St. Louis fan with the handle Lucas K tweeted that he’d like the team to score “approximately 13 runs within the first 3 innings.”

That’s exactly what the Cardinals did, rolling to a 13-0 lead after three innings.

That’s bizarre, right?

“It was crazy. It was just one of those where you throw something out there and it stuck, and you just sort of laugh at it and then all the retweets and likes and comments starting coming,” Lucas said while on MLB Network Radio appearance. “It was pretty insane.”

Here is the tweet:

There were some great reactions to the request: