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Cardinals manager’s expletive-laced celebration speech: ‘No one (blanks) with us ever’

Ever wonder what is said when a team wins a playoff series and start their clubhouse celebrations?

Well, rookie Randy Arozarena took fans into the Cardinals’ celebration Wednesday after they beat the Braves 13-1 and won that National League Division Series. Arozarena live-streamed manager Mike Shildt’s speech and, well, if this had been a movie, it would have been rated R.

Viewers to Arozarena’s Instagram live saw Shildt tell the team this:

“What I loved about this series is, we played the game hard and we played the game right. They (the Braves) started some (expletive). We finished the (expletive). And that’s how we roll. We don’t start, but no one (expletive) with us ever. Now, I don’t give a (expletive) who we play. We’re gonna (expletive) them up. We’re gonna take it right to them the whole (expletive) way. We’re gonna kick their (expletive) ass.”

Arozarena later deleted the stream and apologized.

“I want to apologize to my teammates, manager, the Cardinals organization and baseball fans for the video I posted tonight after our victory in Atlanta,” Arozarena said in a statement, per USA Today. “It was a moment meant to be private. I made a rookie mistake by sharing it on my social media account.”

Unsurprisingly, the speech was shared on Twitter, and I’m going to link to it, but this should be self-explanatory: there is a lot of cursing. If you choose, you can watch it here.