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‘The Chiefs got their butts kicked.’ National media on KC’s loss to the Colts

Some Chiefs fans probably will spend a good portion of this week wondering if Sunday night’s 19-13 loss to the Colts was a bump in the road or a preview of hard times ahead.

Time will tell, of course, but here is what national NFL writers were saying about the Chiefs (4-1) after their first loss of the season.

Peter King of NBC’s “Football Morning In America” led with the Colts’ victory. This is a snippet: “Kansas City might have found a bit of kryptonite last week and this one with the man coverage played by Detroit and Indianapolis. (Combined score: Colts/Lions 49, Chiefs 47.) That impacted what Patrick Mahomes could do, because the Chiefs’ speed has wrecked zone coverage, and without the injured Tyreek Hill, KC’s speed isn’t as ruinous particularly against man coverage—particularly when man isn’t what’s expected. ESPN’s Jeff Darlington noted the Colts had played 70 percent zone coverage in the first four games, and Indy rolled lots of man against the Chiefs. ... Didn’t help that Mahomes had a bum ankle and wasn’t as mobile as usual.”

Danny Heifetz of The Ringer wrote a story with the headline, “If Patrick Mahomes isn’t 100 percent, neither are the Chiefs.” This is an excerpt: of what Heifetz wrote: “Once Patrick Mahomes began limping on ‘Sunday Night Football,’ the Chiefs went limp too. Kansas City’s 19-13 loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday was their first of the year, and it exposed that the Chiefs can’t easily run the ball, stop the run, stop the pass, or do much of anything without incurring double-digit penalties. The Chiefs lean on Mahomes to carry the load; they’re ill-equipped to stand on their own feet.”

Kyle Brandt of “Good Morning Football” on the NFL Network made a “Batman vs. Superman” reference.

“The Chiefs bleed, guys,” Brandt said. “They are mortal. And if it bleeds, we can kill it. ... The Chiefs got their butts kicked on their home field by a very tough Colts team.”

Here is the clip:

Jared Dubin of CBS Sports wrote a recap of the game. This is part of what he wrote about the Chiefs: “They got dominated at the line of scrimmage on both offense and defense. Mahomes was under duress essentially the entire night. He took several big hits and was visibly limping multiple times. He was noticeably less efficient following the first limp-causing hit, and the Chiefs’ offense couldn’t get untracked after that.”

Deion Sanders of the NFL Network talked about what the Colts did to show the Chiefs’ offense:

Nick Wright on Fox Sports’ “First Things First” said Indianapolis had a blueprint for stopping the Chiefs:

Alexis Mansanarez of the Sporting News wrote: “The Chiefs need to stick Mahomes in bubble wrap. Whatever needs to be done to protect the reigning MVP must be done after he was sacked a game-high four times Sunday. He had been sacked three total times leading up to the game, but against the Colts things got worse — much worse — for the quarterback.

“Not only was Mahomes sacked four times but he also seemed to tweak his ankle in the second half, which seemed to have affected his movement — and for Mahomes, that’s a big part of his game.”