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Next Gen Stats show Tyler Lockett’s TD was most improbable catch of last two seasons

One has to wonder if the Seahawks’ Russell Wilson and Tyler Lockett could ever replicate this play.

During the first quarter of Seattle’s 30-29 win over the Rams on Thursday night, Wilson and Lockett connected for an amazing touchdown.

Wilson was flushed from the pocket and found Lockett in the back corner of the end zone. Lockett seemed to be well covered by the Rams, but he still managed to grab the football and keep both feet inbounds.

“You’ve just got to make a play,” Lockett told the Tacoma News Tribune.

Lockett did just that and scored on what the NFL’s Next Gen stats said was a 6.3% probability of being a catch. Next Gen said that was the most unlikely catch in two seasons.

Here is the play:

This was the Next Gen breakdown:

It’s likely that play will be shown in the end-of-the-season compilation and a future commercial.