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Life-size Patrick Mahomes cutout stolen from McDonald’s, suspects crash car in getaway

The real Patrick Mahomes likely would have avoided the other car and then thrown an 80-yard touchdown pass.

Alas, a pair of alleged thieves in Lawrence didn’t prove to be as elusive as Mahomes, the Chiefs’ star quarterback.

Patrick Compton of the Lawrence Police Department said officers responding to a two-car injury crash at 9th and Missouri Streets around noon on Monday received a call regarding an alleged theft from the McDonald’s restaurant on 9th Street.

Employees said two people ran into the McDonald’s, grabbed a life-size cutout of Mahomes and sped away in their vehicle. A description of the car matched one involved in the accident.

Officers saw a Chiefs cutout in the back seat of the vehicle and questioned the suspects about it. Police determined that a male and female had stolen the cutout from the McDonald’s.

Compton said the two were issued a notice to appear for the theft and issued citations resulting from the accident, in which another individual was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

The Mahomes cutout wasn’t damaged and is back in the restaurant.

“The suspects left McDonald’s at a high rate of speed, with a blatant disregard for public safety. They endangered many lives,” Compton wrote in an email to The Star. “They ran the stop sign at 9th and Missouri, and had they gotten there a second earlier, we may be having a different conversation.”

Compton added that the person in the other car has two young children who were not in the vehicle at the time.

“Had those children been in the car at the time,” Compton wrote, “we would also be having a different conversation.”