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Fox Sports commentator compares Patrick Mahomes’ impact to Michael Jordan’s

Making comparisons among players from different generations is a difficult (and sometimes controversial) proposition.

It’s even more difficult to compare players from different sports, but Fox Sports NBA analyst Chris Broussard on Wednesday tried that with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Broussard said Mahomes is dominating in a way that reminded him Michael Jordan.

“Patrick Mahomes is Jordan-esque,” Broussard said. “Yes, as in Michael Jordan. As I watch this guy absolutely torch the NFL, I’ve been thinking to myself, when is the last time we saw somebody absolutely take a sport like this by storm from day one? And I have to go back to Michael Jordan.”

Broussard said Mahomes is wowing analysts and NFL insiders a way that he hadn’t seen since Jordan burst on the NBA scene with the Chicago Bulls in 1984.

Plus, Mahomes continues to put up incredible numbers.

“This is how far ahead of everyone who has ever played the position Patrick Mahomes is: In 19 games, he has thrown for 300 yards and four touchdowns six times,” Broussard said. “No other quarterback in the history of the game has done that in even their first 40 games. And he’s done it in his first 19.”

Broussard added one caveat to his Mahomes/Jordan comparison.

“I know saying he’s Jordan-esque is the highest of praise because Jordan is the GOAT (Greatest of All-Time),” Broussard said. “So am I saying Patrick Mahomes is the GOAT? No, no way. C’mon. That would be very premature, but I am saying this: he’s got the potential to be the GOAT, the greatest to ever quarterback in football.”

Broussard said Mahomes has to stay healthy and win multiple Super Bowls to be considered the greatest quarterback ever.

Here is Broussard making the comparison between Mahomes and Jordan: