For Pete's Sake

A bettor lost $40,000 on Sunday’s Chiefs game, but it wasn’t because KC won

The over-under bet for Sunday’s Chiefs-Raiders game was 53.

Apparently someone thought the over was the way to go, because he/she placed a Points Bet on the game.

Unfamiliar with the Points Betting works? Here is an explanation from “Users decide how much they want to wager per point, set a maximum total risk, and then hope that their side of the bet beats the spread — hopefully, by as much as possible.”

This is an example: the Ravens were a 6-point favorite to beat the Dolphins in their season opener, and a bettor placed a $30,000 wager per point. It was capped at $600,000, and that person won the maximum amount on the Ravens’ 59-10 victory, according to

That’s a positive outcome in such a bet.

The negative came for a bettor who Points Bet the over on the Chiefs-Raiders game. It was 28-10 at halftime, so the bettor probably was feeling good about things.

Instead, according to Darren Rovell of the Action Network, the bettor lost a cool $40,000. Woof.