For Pete's Sake

Chiefs’ AFC West rivals let victory ‘slip away’ in gut-wrenching fashion on Sunday

Chiefs fans couldn’t have scripted a better day than Sunday.

Not only did the Chiefs get a convincing victory in Oakland in which quarterback Patrick Mahomes did more amazing things, but the other AFC West teams lost.

And they lost in a crushing manner.

It’s left the Chiefs all alone atop the West and fans in Denver and Los Angeles wondering what may have been.

Let’s start in Detroit where the Lions defeated the Chargers 13-10. Los Angeles led 10-6 at the half but was held scoreless over the final 30 minutes. Detroit scored a go-ahead touchdown midway through the fourth quarter.

That’s when Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers went to work. He drove the team to the Lions’ 19. A running play lost 4 yards and then the Chargers were called for a delay of game penalty inside of 2 minutes to play.

It wasn’t a killer penalty because the Chargers were still in field-goal range. But on the next play, Rivers did this:

The Chargers, who had missed two field goals earlier in the game, never got the ball back.

“I gotta keep it real. They didn’t beat us,” Chargers safety Rayshawn Jenkins told the Los Angeles Times. “We beat us. Don’t get me wrong. That’s a good team. But you see the points we took off the board. We took our own points off the board.

“We literally saw the game slip (away).”

If that seems like a crushing way to lose, well, the Broncos managed to top it.

Trailing by 10 at home to the Chicago Bears in the fourth quarter, the Broncos got a field goal, touchdown and two-point conversion to take a 14-13 lead.

Joe Flacco threw a 7-yard touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders with 31 seconds to play. Denver went for a two-point conversion but was flagged for a delay of game. The Broncos decided to kick the extra point but missed.

However, the Bears had a player lined up offsides, so Denver went for two again and got it, taking the one-point lead.

On the Bears’ first play after falling behind, Denver was called for roughing Chicago quarterback Mitchell Trubisky on this play:

That seemed soft, but Denver forced the Bears into a fourth-and-15 play from their own 40-yard line. That’s when Trubisky threw a 25-yard pass to Allen Robinson. The clock showed zeroes, but the Bears called timeout with 1 second to play and then kicked a 53-yard field goal for a 16-14 victory.

This stat sums up how tough it was for Denver:

“When I walk in the building tomorrow, I’m going to have my head up just as high as I’ve always had it,” Flacco told the Broncos’ website. “Guys see that, and guys respond to that. If I walk into the building and guys see me with my head hanging down, hanging low, they’re going to say, ‘Oh yeah, I can feel sorry for myself too.’ And the next guy is going to see that guy, ‘Oh yeah, I think I should probably feel sorry for myself.’

“There’s no feeling sorry for yourself in the NFL.”

Well, we know Chiefs fan aren’t going to feel sorry for the Broncos (or Chargers), right?