For Pete's Sake

The Royals were thrilled with these special pregame visitors Tuesday: puppies

Puppies are the great equalizer.

Royals fans may wonder if they have anything in common with the players they cheer for, and the answer is yes: these professional athletes also get mushy around puppies.

Tuesday was another “Bark at the Park” at Kauffman Stadium, and KC Pet Project brought some puppies for the Royals players to love on.

Mission accomplished.

To the surprise of no one, left-hander Danny Duffy was enamored:

Shortstop Nicky Lopez found a “baby:”

Cam Gallagher, Ryan O’Hearn and Kyle Zimmer were had fun with the puppies:

O’Hearn hit a walk-off home run on a day when a puppy licked his beard. Is that a coincidence?

Duffy’s love of dogs is well-known to fans, and the Royals gave away a bobblehead of Duffy and his dog Sadie.

But did you know Gallagher also loves dogs? He adopted a French bulldog named Rocky at the conclusion of last season.

“I’m a big dog guy. I love dogs,” Gallagher said. “Every since I was pretty much been born, my family has had a dog and I’ve just been loving on them. Even random ones I see on the street. I’m a big dog guy. I’ve been wanting one for a long time and when I came across Rocky, I knew I had to get him.

“He loves everybody. He’s just a really lovable dog. He just wants to say hello to everyone and be everyone’s friend. He’s a funny guy.”