For Pete's Sake

Chiefs fans held their breath when Patrick Mahomes ended scramble with head-first dive

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes does things that thrill Chiefs fans, but on Saturday night, he left them a bit nervous.

During a preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers at Arrowhead Stadium, Mahomes showed his scrambling ability and broke free from the defense. Mahomes ran toward the first-down line but it was clear he’d come up short.

Rather than slide, Mahomes dived head first and was hit by a 49ers defensive player.

And fans all over Kansas City (and the country) breathed a sigh of relief when it was clear nothing bad happened on the play.

But, hey, a slide would’ve been fine with fans, particularly in a preseason game, right?

Here is the play from Twitter user The Checkdown:

It was the last play of the night for Mahomes, and Chiefs fans were glad Mahomes wasn’t injured: