For Pete's Sake

Royals’ Danny Duffy had a great reaction to Nick Dini’s home run on Monday

Even in a day and age where home-run records are being broken on a regular basis, this was impressive.

During the Royals’ 5-4 win Monday over the Orioles in Baltimore, the bottom two hitters in the Kansas City lineup hit home runs on consecutive pitches. Yep, two pitches, two home runs.

In the seventh inning, the Royals led 3-2 when second baseman Nicky Lopez led off with a blast to right field. Catcher Nick Dini then stepped up and hit a towering blast to left-center field.

Dini’s home run proved to be the winning run, and the Royals players weren’t done celebrating with Lopez when the second home run cleared the fence.

Pitcher Danny Duffy saw it happen and his reaction was priceless. Duffy was thrilled and it was a fun moment:

Here is Dini’s home run:

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