For Pete's Sake

Chris Jones’ line of ‘Stone Cold Jones Sodas’ will be on sale starting Friday

At this rate, Chiefs fans soon will be able to sustain on a diet of foods tied into the team.

There is Patrick Mahomes’ cereal, a Chiefs-branded beer and now the KC Soda Company has partnered with Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones on a line of “Stone Cold Jones Sodas.” There are four flavors: root beer, cream soda, “summer” lemonade and “Sack Nation” Strawberry.

Jones signed 95 bottles of the soda, and the company will give away a free bottle Friday to the first 50 customers to make a purchase at its City Market store at 421 Main Street. It will open at 9 a.m.

There is a limit of one signed bottle per customer. The other “signature” bottles will be part of future giveaways. The release of the soda was planned for the middle of the Chiefs preseason and Friday is “816 Day.”

The partnership came together quickly, said KC Soda Company owner Lucas Thompson, who added that being a small company was beneficial.

“We’ve kind of been waiting for something like this to come along,” Thompson said. “We’ve had this idea for a while, but we’re kind of a small company .... we’re just a very specialty soda niche in Kansas City.”

“If it’s a huge corporate company, (the partnership) has got to go through a hundred layers to pass through,” Thompson added. “For me, it was just me, Chris and his agent saying, ‘OK, what’s it going to take to do this?’ They were super willing to work. Chris was on board from the very beginning and he likes soda, so we got this done.”

Thompson said working with Jones was an easy decision after seeing his Twitter interactions with fans. Jones’ bubbly personality, which is evident on the field and social media, is the same in private.

That was important to Thompson.

“It’s not partnering with a player that’s just going to slap his name on it and be done with it,” he said. “I went over to his house and talked to him and got those bottles signed. He treated me like we knew each other for a while. He’s 6-6 and I’m 5-11. He just towers over me. He was super nice about it. That’s all I’ve heard. I haven’t heard any bad things about Chris Jones.”

A single bottle costs $2.99 and the KC Soda Company expects them to sell out its initial stock in the first week. Pre-orders for shipping in September can be placed at starting on Friday. The sodas will return throughout the season, possibly with some new flavors.

“I think we might also be switching up the labels,” Thompson said. “Every production run we do, we can switch up the labels. We’re just playing it by ear right now.”