For Pete's Sake

The Chargers were called for four penalties on one play in Thursday’s preseason game

Just a guess, but Chargers special-teams coordinator George Stewart probably will have something to talk to his players about in the coming days.

During the Chargers’ 17-13 loss to the Cardinals in Thursday’s preseason game, an Arizona punt late in the first half resulted in four penalties called on Los Angeles. Yep, four.

Three Chargers were called for holding: Detrez Newman, Justice Liggins and Roderic Teamer.

Liggins, a rookie, was also called for unsportsmanlike conduct. The Cardinals accepted that penalty and declined the three holding calls.

To his credit, referee Shawn Hochuli announced the plethora of penalties without missing a beat. The announcers got a laugh out of it:

All told, the Chargers were called for 10 penalties in the game. Well, 10 that were accepted.