For Pete's Sake

Marlins mention Steve Irwin’s death in snarky Twitter spat with the Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays swept a two-game series against their instate rivals over the weekend, and the action wasn’t limited to the field.

The Marlins and Rays also traded barbs on Twitter in a spat that spanned two days.

By Sunday night, the Rays had won both games and the Marlins had brought up the memory of the late Steve Irwin, the conservationist who died in 2006.

Yeah, this wasn’t the usual light fare between teams on Twitter.

It began when the Marlins shared a clip of right fielder Brian Anderson throwing out a runner at the plate. Despite having won the game 8-6, the Rays felt the need to respond and fired the opening salvo:

The Marlins replied with a reference to the Rays possibly playing some home games in Canada in the future (hence the Maple Leaf quip). The Rays waited 18 hours and mentioning they had won the second game of the series:

That’s when the Marlins brought up Irwin, who was killed by a stingray:


The exchange ended with the Rays again mentioning the sweep.

Some people thought the Marlins crossed the line by mentioning Irwin:

UPDATE: The Marlins apologized for the tweet: