For Pete's Sake

Boston’s David Price used his cap to pay tribute to his dog, who died last week

When left-hander David Price was with the Tampa Bay Rays about a decade ago, he adopted a puppy he named Astro and started bringing the pooch to the ballpark.

Astro, a French Bulldog, has since followed Price to Detroit, Toronto and then Boston.

When Price was with the Blue Jays in the 2015 postseason (which included facing the Royals in the American League Championship Series), Major League Baseball made an emoji that featured him with Astro.

Astro also got his own Twitter account and the keys to the city of Tampa.

But Price tweeted the sad news last week that Astro had died.

He wrote: “I knew this day was coming sooner rather than later but it still hurts the same. Astro took his last nap today and we will miss him dearly! Thank you to everyone who always checked in on him and asked me how he was doing!”

When Price made his first start after Astro’s death, he paid tribute to his late friend with a sweet symbol on his cap: