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Chiefs are asking fans to pick the ‘greatest moment’ in franchise history

The NFL is celebrating its 100th season this fall and the Chiefs are honoring their 60th season.

So the Chiefs are asking fans to help decide the Chiefs’ “greatest moment” in franchise history.

Chiefs fans can vote on one of the four videos on the team’s site (here’s the link), and with a vote, fans will be entered for a chance to win 2019 season tickets.

The winning moment will be shown during the Chiefs’ game against the Colts on Oct. 6.

You can see more on the big moments above, but here are the four:

  • Lamar Hunt founds the American Football League.
  • Mike Garrett’s rambling 18-yard touchdown run in the AFL title game that gave the Chiefs a berth in Super Bowl I.
  • Lamar Hunt coins the name “Super Bowl.”
  • 65 Toss Power Trap, which was Chiefs coach Hank Stram’s favorite play in Super Bowl IV.