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Patrick Mahomes admires Chiefs fan’s ‘ChampStamp’ tattoo during Jimmy Kimmel visit

During Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ appearance Monday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” a fan from Raytown got his 15 minutes of fame.

It began when Kimmel asked Mahomes: “You’re living in Kansas City now. Do you love Kansas City?”

“I love it. I honestly do, look, we’ve got Chiefs Kingdom right here,” Mahomes said, pointing to a pair of men wearing Mahomes jerseys in the front row.

Kimmel said he learned a “tidbit” about the fans, then had one raise his shirt and let everyone (in the country) see the tattoo of Mahomes with the words “Champ Stamp” on his lower back.

“This is the kind of loyalty that you’ve already inspire there,” Kimmel said.

Mahomes laughed and said, “That is awesome. That is awesome.”

In addition to the tattoo, Mahomes talked about eating the Z-Man at Joe’s Kansas City, his voice, the ESPYs and more:

Here is a closer look at that tattoo:

After the show aired, the man identified himself as David Leach and revealed why he had the tattoo:

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” shared these tweets:

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