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Seahawks’ Tyler Lockett says Airbnb host canceled reservation because of his wealth

Can you be overqualified to say in an Airbnb?

This may seem unlikely, but former Kansas State star Tyler Lockett said that is the reason his Airbnb reservation was canceled. Lockett, who played at K-State from 2011-14, is now a receiver for the Seattle Seahawks. Last year, Lockett signed a three-year extension with the Seahawks worth $31.8 million, including $20 million guaranteed.

His net worth seems to be well-known among some Airbnb hosts.

Lockett tweeted that he lost the reservation because the host thought he should be spending his money on more expensive places.

Fortunately, it all worked out in the end for Lockett, who clearly wasn’t happy for a while. He shared the whole story on Twitter:

That’s when Airbnb stepped in:

In the end, everything turned out well for Lockett: