For Pete's Sake

Two minor-league players combined to make one great/goofy catch

Should this be scored as a 9-4 out?

During a Triple-A game between the Nashville Sounds and Memphis Redbirds on Tuesday night, a pair of Sounds teammates combined to make one of the best and strangest catches of the season.

Memphis’ Andrew Knizer popped up a ball toward short right field in the third inning. Out went second baseman Christian Lopes. In came right fielder Scott Heineman, who slid while going for a catch.

Lopes peeled off the left to avoid Heineman, who deflected the ball up in the air. Lopes then dived for the ball and made the catch. That’s one slide, one dive, two players who touched one ball and one catch.

“The ball went up like a typical popup, and I honestly thought it was going to drop between me and Heineman,” Lopes told’s Rob Terranova. “I saw him barreling down on it, so I didn’t want to get in his way, but I thought I had a chance as I got closer. But then he dives and it skipped off his glove and I could hear him say, ‘Get it, Lopey.’ I saw it pop right up and went out and got it.

“Afterwards, we just looked at each other and laughed. Like, what the heck just happened? But it was pretty cool for that play to develop like that.”

“That might be your defensive play of the season,” the announcer said and he might be right.

Here is the play: