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Nationals to wear Expos uniforms for a game vs. Royals, who also will be in throwbacks

If you like throwback uniforms, then the Royals’ July 6 game against the Nationals in Washington, D.C., will be one to watch.

Washington will wear blue Montreal Expos uniforms, according to the Washington Post, while the Royals will be in road grays featuring a script “Kansas City” from the 1969 season. The Royals and Expos joined Major League Baseball as expansion teams that year.

The Royals played the Expos in 2002 and 2004, and Montreal won five of the six games. The Expos moved to Washington after the 2004 season and changed their name to the Nationals.

Two years ago, ESPN ranked the Expos logo as the 12th best in Major League Baseball, and it will return for one night.

Here are the uniforms the Nationals/Expos will be wearing:

This photo of Lou Piniella from 1969 shows what the Royals’ uniforms should resemble next month:

14 L Royals Special
Kansas City Royals outfielder Lou Piniella was named the 1969 American League Rookie of the Year. Piniella was with the Royals until 1973. After a long career as a player, Piniella went on to manage several MLB teams. Steve Moore

As the Post’s Scott Allen wrote in his story : “Incidentally, Montreal was once home to a minor league team nicknamed the Royals, for which Jackie Robinson played in 1946. If you’re wondering why the Nationals will wear road throwbacks at home, it’s because the Expos’ away uniforms are more striking than their original home whites.”

After the Expos left for D.C., a loyal group of fans has advocated for a team to be put back in Montreal. That could happen ... sort of. Last week, the Tampa Bay Rays announced they were given the opportunity to explore playing some of their future home games in Montreal.

If an expansion team should one day end up in Montreal, it could reclaim the Expos’ history.

Allen noted in his story: “The Nationals are careful to differentiate between franchise records (since 1969), team records (since 2005) and D.C. baseball records.”