For Pete's Sake

Long-time broadcaster Bob Ley announces he is retiring from ESPN

Bob Ley, the longtime ESPN broadcaster who is perhaps best known for his work on “Outside The Lines” and soccer coverage, announced Wednesday that he will be retiring from the network.

Ley made the announcement on Twitter and said it was “entirely my decision.”

Here is part of what he wrote:

“Across 40 years I have enjoyed a professional journey unimaginable when I joined ESPN on its first weekend of existence in 1979. Each day since has been a unique adventure, one I embraced for the challenge and unequaled fun of a job like no other.

“Now, it is time for a change.

“I will be retiring from ESPN, as of the end of the month.

“To be clear, this is entirely my decision. I enjoy the best of health, and the many blessings of friends and family, and it is in that context that I’m making this change.”

This is the entire message he tweeted:

Tributes began shortly after Ley’s announcement:

A couple of years ago, Ley shared memories of his first ESPN broadcast: