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Cameroon likely to face punishment for actions during loss to England at World Cup

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Here are the teams who have advanced to the knockout stage of the World Cup.
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Here are the teams who have advanced to the knockout stage of the World Cup.

Fans around the globe may not be rooting for the same team at the Women’s World Cup in France, but they are in agreement about their hatred for VAR.

The replay system has been bashed for punishing goalkeepers who were inches in front of the goal line on penalty kicks and goals that were disallowed for incorrect reasons.

However, VAR did get it right twice during England’s 3-0 win over Cameroon on Sunday. Replay gave England a goal and took away one from Cameroon, which left players from the African nation fuming.

At one point, they huddled up and refused to start play. At halftime, the players protested in the tunnel. Also during the game, a Cameroon player spit on the arm of an England player and one gave the referee a shove from behind during the run of play.

Isha Johansen, the president of of Africa’s women’s football committee, on Monday expressed her displeasure at Cameroon’s behavior and indicated a punishment is coming.

“Whilst remaining proud of our African teams that participated in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, yesterday’s match between England and Cameroon reflected badly, not only on African women’s football, but African football on the whole,” Johansen said in a statement, per The Sun.

“It is an issue which will be addressed and dealt with, at the appropriate levels of governance.”

It wasn’t just the players who acted out. The Associated Press reported that some Cameroon fans at the game moved into seats behind the benches where the coaches and fourth official sit.

“A number of Cameroon fans had moved to the seats behind the team benches during the match in order to create a ‘fan block,’” FIFA said in a statement, the AP said. “This required management by stadium stewards who, in the interests of all spectators, moved other ticket holders into hospitality seating.

“Although there was some verbal exchange between Cameroon supporters and stewards, there has been no report of any physical confrontation.”

England coach Gary Neville wasn’t pleased with the actions of the Cameroon players. Here were his postgame comments: