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Three stumbling blocks to idea of Tampa Bay Rays playing some games in Montreal

The Kansas City-Omaha Kings experiment lasted three seasons in the mid-70s and wasn’t exactly a smashing success, as all of the team’s games eventually moved to Kansas City before the franchise left for Sacramento.

That’s worth noting because Major League Baseball reportedly will allow the Tampa Bay Rays to explore playing some of its future games in Montreal.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan wrote of the Tampa Bay-Montreal Rays idea and included where games would be played.

“Under the plan, the Rays would play in new stadiums in both the Tampa Bay area and Montreal, sources said. The number of home games each city would receive has not been determined, sources said,” Passan wrote.

“(Commissioner Rob) Manfred referred to the idea of a two-city Rays team as a long-term project.

“The ability to play games early in the season in Florida would preclude the need for a domed stadium, cutting the cost of a new building.”

That two-stadium idea is one of three obvious reasons why this two-county approach for the Rays wouldn’t work.

USA Today’s Bob Nightengale tweeted this:

Former major-league pitcher Brad ZIegler wondered how potential free agents would view playing for the Rays and that’s issue No. 2: creator Nate Silver noted there are no direct flights between Nate Silver noted there are no direct flights between Tampa and Montreal. Issue No. 3:

Now, if Major League Baseball allowed the Expos hats to be worn, that would be cool because they were awesome. Speaking of that, how’s this for a logo idea?