For Pete's Sake

FSKC’s Joel Goldberg dodged a foul ball headed for his face during Royals’ game

You’ve seen fans dive over seats (or one another) in pursuit of a foul ball at a baseball game, but Fox Sports Kansas City’s Joel Goldberg has no such desire.

Goldberg had an opportunity to grab a foul ball that was hit his way Monday night during the Royals’ 6-4 win over the Mariners in Seattle. Instead he got out of the way.

In the bottom of the first inning, Goldberg was in a camera bay next to the Royals dugout when Mariners outfielder Domingo Santana hit a foul ball that would have hit Goldberg in the face had he not moved.

But Goldberg did move, and the ball harmlessly scooted past him.

“He almost made a play,” Rex Hudler said.

“No he didn’t,” Ryan Lefebvre deadpanned as Goldberg shook his head.

Goldberg later tweeted: “Paid to talk, not make plays! #KeepItOffYourLip”

Smart man.

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