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Bud Light tweeted a KC-specific beer nutritional label just for Chiefs fans

Many “Game of Thrones” fans lamented how the show ended, but it’s nothing compared to what has happened to Bud Light since the height of its “Dilly Dilly” success.

The original series of commercials caught the nation’s fancy as people bought merchandise and started using the tag line at sporting events.

But these days, Bud Light is focused on having people focus on its nutritional label.

That’s been met with a collective “meh,” but Bud Light tweeted Tuesday that it would tweet a label for anyone who asked.

The Chiefs asked.

Bud Light came up with a label that focuses on Arrowhead Stadium being the loudest in the world, Kansas City’s love of barbecue and the Chiefs:

Here are a few of the other responses from Bud Light:

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