For Pete's Sake

This Chiefs fan was so happy with a draft pick, he chugged his beer on national TV

As surely as the sun rises, there will be fans who lose their minds after a football team makes a pick in the draft.

Conveniently, this happens in front of TV cameras, and it is a regular part of the draft coverage on ESPN/ABC.

Sometimes it seems as if the fans are trying to remember if they know who the player is, but as soon as that red light goes on the TV camera, someone gets very excited. Often, this person is dressed in some sort of outlandish outfit.

That’s why it was refreshing to see how one Chiefs fan responded after the team picked defensive tackle Khalen Saunders in the third round.

Sure, the fan knew the camera was on him, but instead of screaming like a someone who won the lottery, this guy simply downed his beer to the merriment of ESPN’s Rece Davis:

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