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Wonder where KU and K-State will be seeded? There are 117 NCAA bracket projections

K-State coach Bruce Weber talks NCAA Tournament possibilities

K-State coach Bruce Weber talks NCAA Tournament possibilities
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K-State coach Bruce Weber talks NCAA Tournament possibilities

If it seems like there are a lot of projected NCAA Tournament brackets out there, well, it might be more than you realize.

The 2019 Bracket Matrix blog has compiled a spreadsheet of 117 different brackets from around the country. Yeah, 117. And that’s as of Sunday morning, so that number could increase.

With so many projections, you’d expect the seeding for Kansas and K-State potentially would be all over the map. That is true for the Jayhawks, who are a No. 1 seed in two projections, a No. 2 in one other, a No. 3 in 55 and a No. 4 in 59. Because this is a big pool of projections, not everyone is using the same formula to determine seeds for the NCAA Tournament.

Additionally, the brackets are being updated frequently. For example, KU is seeded second in a blog called Bordering on Wisdom Sports Analytics on the Bracket Matrix page. However, as of Sunday morning, the Jayhawks had been dropped to a third seed. KPI Sports and still have KU as a No. 1 seed.

Things are more consistent with Kansas State, which is seeded No. 4 in 86 brackets and No. 5 in 31 others.

The Bracket Matrix averages the seeds from the 117 brackets, and has the Wildcats at 4.28 and the Jayhawks at 3.47. Virginia is the most consistent among the 117 brackets: each has the Cavaliers as a No. 1 seed. In fact, three ACC teams are among the top four in the averaged brackets: Duke is second (1.01) and North Carolina is fourth (1.46).

That could be an indication of the ACC getting the lion’s share of No. 1 seeds when the field is announced.

Some notable projections:

Jerry Palm of CBS Sports has K-State as a No. 4 in the West (playing Liberty in Jacksonville, Fla.) and KU also as a No. 4 in the South (playing Northeastern in San Jose, Calif).

Joe Lunardi of ESPN also has the Jayhawks playing Northeastern in the East Region in Salt Lake City, and the Wildcats as a No. 5 seed facing Liberty in San Jose.

Brad Evans of Yahoo Sports has both KU and K-State as No. 4 seeds.

Howie Schwab of Fox Sports has the Jayhawks seeded fourth and facing Northeastern in the East Regional. He has the Wildcats as a No. 5 seed playing Saint Louis in the South.

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