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On his first day in KC, Tyrann Mathieu stepped right into Kansas/Missouri squabble

All Tyrann Mathieu wanted to do was say hello to his former coach at LSU.

Instead, Mathieu stepped into the state-line squabble about where the Chiefs are located.

Les Miles, who coached Mathieu at LSU, is now the Kansas coach. Ahead of his first news conference after signing with the Chiefs on Thursday, Mathieu tweeted: “Somebody tell coach miles I followed him to Kansas @CoachLesMiles”

Within minutes, people responded to Mathieu to tell him the Chiefs are located in Missouri.

Mathieu was puzzled:

After that, well, his Twitter mentions devolved into Round 14,381 of the Silly State Line Superiority Skirmish:

You get the gist of it, right? There were a whole lot of interactions like that. Then Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes did his best to play peacemaker:

Fans thought that was the perfect response from Mahomes:

Mathieu was asked about the exchange at his introductory news conference.

“First of all,” Mathieu said, “I was only trying to say hello to coach Miles and then that kind of got out of hand. I got a warm welcome this morning and no hard feelings.”

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