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Rescue dog hilariously runs amok on agility course at dog show — and has a great time

When a dog competes in an agility course, the goal is to run through tunnels and jump over objects.

But the Crufts Dog Show in England had a special race for rescue dogs, and one particular pup thought it more fun to run around objects and lie down in the tunnels.

Kratu was identified as a Carpathian/Mioritic Shepherd mix by the Daily Mail, which noted he “was brought to the UK to be treated after a ‘traumatic’ start to life.”

The announcer in the video below said Kratu was rescued from Romania.

But that Daily Mail story notes that Kratu now is a “one of very few support dogs to be allowed into the European Parliament, and is now an ambassador for support-dog training.”

So Kratu could be forgiven for not taking the agility course seriously. And it made for a funny moment for spectators and people watching on television.

Twitter user Brooke Rogers shared this video:

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